Inaugural Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference Was a Success!

Inaugural Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference Was a Success!

ST. LOUIS- March 2, 2020 – Komen Missouri hosted its inaugural Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference on February 22 at the Il Monastero Banquet Center. The conference was a huge success and we are proud to have provided information, support and a place to connect with others living with metastatic breast cancer, their caregivers and their providers.

In addition, the conference sought to bring together diverse perspectives that influence the lives of metastatic patients, including breast cancer survivors, researchers, providers, insurers and policymakers. We are so proud and thankful that our conference has benefited the lives of the people that attended, and we hope to see them thrive with the continued support of Komen as well as the other individuals that they connected with while attending.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and helped to make the MBC Conference such a success!

Big thanks to our generous sponsors for making this conference possible:


PowerPoint Slide Presentations from the Conference:

1 – Keynote – Josh Newby

2 – SABCS Takeaways – Dr. Cynthia Ma – MBC Conference 02 22 2020

3 – SABCS Takeaways – Dr. Ashley Frith

4 – Clinical Trials 101 – Anderson, Summa & Kraemer

5 – The MBC Project – Mike Dunphy

6 – Bone Mets – Dr. Nusayba Bagegni

6 – Link to Bone Health Video

7 – HER2+- Dr. Ron Bose

8 – Integrative Medicine – Dr. Michelle Smith

9 – Fighting Financial Toxicity – Molly MacDonald

9- Tips for fighting financial toxicity

10 – Closing – Empowerment Through Advocacy


See more photos from the Conference here.