October 1 – 31, 2019


What is a BigWig? BigWig [ˈbigˌwig] (noun): an important person, usually in a particular sphere; synonym: VIP (very important person)

What are Susan G. Komen BigWigs? Komen BigWigs (noun): very important people willing to wear silly pink wigs and not take themselves too seriously, all to raise awareness and funds to support the very serious effort to end breast cancer.

How does the BigWigs campaign work? The BigWigs campaign engages corporate and community leaders from our region to raise money to fund the fight against breast cancer. Seventy-five percent of funds raised will be used to provide breast health education, screening, treatment and psychosocial services to people in need living in Komen Missouri’s 38-county service area. The remaining 25% is directed to support cutting-edge, global breast cancer research.

Why support the 2019 BigWigs campaign? In Komen Missouri’s service area, seven women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day; 10 women die from breast cancer every week; and 78 women are diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer every month. These figures are unacceptable and you can help continue the effort to save more lives and end breast cancer forever.